TuneCrush – Ohene “If You Only Knew”

JW Richard

Dallas native, JW Richard has been blogging and podcasting for 8 years. From time to time, when he's not writing about music, he's provided vocals with various groups in the D/FW area. You can also connect with him at Google

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7 Responses

  1. Love this song. It’s deceptively radio friendly, but upon closer listen, the lyrics and instrumentality is much more complex than the average Top 40s single.

  2. 365TV Jay says:

    Agree with the Professor. I think Ohene is one of the artists ‘providing’ the nice sounds, but (sometimes literally) ‘giving’ you the lyrical food for though. Where is the repeat function…. :-)

  3. Nancy Marie says:

    Ohene, you have done it again. You are a lyrical phenomena, a force to be reckoned with. Continue to drop the knowledge to the beat…the world is ready for the movement!

  4. soundz714 says:

    Lovin’ that retro Motown old school/new school beat. This cat is the truth! A perfect post for the beginning of Black Music Month!

  5. ET Stone says:

    Loving this track it takes me back to the 70’s listening to artist that cared about the conditions of the world…Ohene is a combination of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield & Prince rolled into run with a profound message to the world.

  6. E. Snipe says:

    I love Ohene’s music. I have been a fan of his for several years. It has been enjoyable to watch his musical evolution. His genius is unparalleled in all musical genres.

  7. Malaika says:

    This song is catchy and true. I have so much appreciation for musical complexity and lyrical content.