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TuneCrush: Oscar Corrigan “Mother”

Syndey-based musician, Oscar Corrigan is giving you a cool slice of future bass music. From his upcoming CD, Maddison Lane, check out “Mother”, by Oscar Corrigan. Mother by Oscar Corrigan

IntergalaticTravels 1

Video: Intergalactic Travels Volume 2

Celebrating the release of Urban Waves (Twitter: @urban_waves) intergalactic Travels Volume 2, check out the video montage below with tracks by Zach Christ and Wandering Mayor providing the score. This is available at Bandcamp.com...

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New beats from Deadpoole & Cellar Door

Hailing from Ipswich, UK, beatmakers Deadpoole & Cellar Door were first covered here on GLM last year with their collaborative DeadCellar EP. Now they’re both back with new individual set. Deadpoole’s latest, Underwater Skies...

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Dandy Teru – Adventures

French producer/remixer Dandy Teru brings laid-back hip-hop and soul grooves on his solo debut, Adventures, on Ubiquity Records. Teru, with production assistance from fellow French producer/remixer, Quiet Dawn, keep the drums crisp with a...

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TuneCrush: Corduroi “Dream Lemur / Low Tides”

Austin-based producer Cody Wilson aka Corduroi brings 8-bit, hip-hop, and house together on his new six-song EP, Jangala, available at Bandcamp. While his first two EPs relied more on samples, more of the multi-instrumentalist...

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New tracks from Dnte

More news from the MAD-HOP family of producers. Hungarian-born, Berlin based producer Dnte is building quite a name for himself as an artist and remixer with moody 8-bit and wonky style. Recently, he made...

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Reaganometry & Butcher Bear – R&B (LP)

Reagan Van Matre and Butch Webster were involved in the Austin-area band/collective, Attack Formation, and have making music together and separate going 12 years now. Since the band’s suspension, Van Matre has released music...