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Video: Arno “The Show of Life”

As the video starts, you sense the actress is slighty off, then continuing to lose it as the hoary voice bellows through her. Perhaps because of being world weary, then claiming to be ready...

Mississippi Big Beat - Delta Disco 2

Mississippi Big Beat – Delta Disco

From Budapest, Hungary, the folk tradition of the blues continues on with the addition of programmed beats and other electronics with the latest offering from the Black & Tan label, Mississippi Big Beat. The...

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Q & A with Ethan Hanson

As mentioned in a recent GLM TuneCrush post, Ethan Hanson’s interest in a guitar started as age two. With his mom, Kerstin, already recognized as a folk music performer in their hometown of Fayetteville,...

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Q & A with Sonya Jevette

Sonya Jevette’s blues/R&B style has been heard in various venues throughout in Texas. She’s currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund production for a new CD, and GLM contributor, Gayle Bell, provided a short Q&A to get you acquainted with Sonya Jevette.

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Ruthie Foster – Let It Burn

Ruthie Foster serves up nothing but authentic blues/rock flavor with no filler for novelty. What you can always bank on with Foster is soul music that sticks to the ribs like your favorite comfort...

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Bailiff – Red Balloon

From Chicago, Bailiff’s blend of lean progressive rock/blues has a driving rhythm section with stacked, processed vocals on this debut LP, Red Ballon. From the soulful title track and the slightly pop single, “In...

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Sandbloom – Still Blue

The album, Blue, remains a watershed recording for Joni Mitchell. Los Angeles-based blues and soul artist, Kevin Sandbloom, has re-interpreted the album and called it, still blue. While Sandbloom’s re-interpretation echoes with moments of...