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Aisha Mars 6

TuneCrush: Aisha Mars “Flute Sessions”

Dallas-based flautist, Aisha Mars, can be seen around town as a part of the band, Melody Memory. While a student at the UCLA School of Music, Aisha studied with the legendary Sheridon Stokes, one...

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Bits of Beats for December 14, 2012

BoomBaptist Austin producer, Andrew Thaggard aka BoomBaptist releases his last installment of a four-part series that progresses through time up until the release of his renowned beat tape in 2009. The Lost Files Vol....

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Bits of Beats for December 5, 2012

Freddy Todd The new set from Detroit’s own Freddy Todd, Sick In The City, Alive in The Woods , delivers thick bass goodness you need to hear. The release is out on Adapted Records...